"they were just one right after another!"

My Wife’s boyfriend wants this to happen to my bride. I do not know if she can resist him or not.


timportlon asked:

Hi. I just bought a chinese cheap CB6000s and I want to put myself in long term chastity. But, I don´t know if I am already using it correctly. When I wear it for more than a day I start to feel some irritation behind my scrotum (the part that is in touch with the ring) and I feel like a medium-hard pressure in my testicles when I walk (in the moment when my thighs go ahead and push my testicles in front). I mean, How do you know the size of ring and spacer that you must use? What do you must fe

new-chastity-male answered:

I have commented about this many times here on my blog. It isn’t the right size that is the problem, it’s the ring itself! The hard edges on the rings of those knock off CB cages are what is causing your irritation.

I suggest getting a different model cage, I have been recommending the Jailhouse cage and is what I use for longer term wear. You can purchase it for under $30 with 3 different size rings here:


If you insist on continuing to use the CB cage, you can try purchasing a ring from the stainless steel model for about $10.


You can purchase one of these rings here:


I have successfully used this stainless steel ring with the plastic CB knock off cage without any issues.


Good luck!